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Time Warp

Before we say anything else, I need to say thank you to AJA for the birthday wish. Eighteen is a crazy number to think about, but thankfully at this moment eighteen still feels like seventeen so I do not have to think about it often. (For me, 18 still feels like 15, soooooo)

Now, hey, y’all!

Welcome! Tonight’s most intriguing topic of discussion is time. *mystery track plays in the background* Yes, infuriatingly quick passing but sometimes undeterminable time. If you can’t tell, time is not my super favorite passing thing. Like, I appreciate its existence, but also not. She also rarely keeps real track of it. I consider myself a human calendar and archive system, though, except on days like today when time moves too quickly because you’re enjoying yourself so much. So what she is saying is that she rarely has so much fun. No, teasing, but still. I do rarely keep track of time, so it was not completely abnormal for me to look down and it suddenly be three hours later than it was before.Or, you know, 7-8 hours later. O.O Today was a good day, however, and I think we’re both grateful for that. Definitely.


Time flies when you’re having fun, so remember that and drive safely.

Keep your watch on backwards, and your alarm in the sink. ❤ 🙂 😀 😛 😉


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