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7.5 and Heels #seniors

I would say good evening but ACG’s and my week has been so, so messed up, I’m not even sure if it’s evening. Alas, welcome! Hey, y’all! It is evening/night, and the week has been pretty strange. Messed up makes it sound negative, but it was really just skewed and strange. Truthfully, it’s been a pretty good week overall corsage bruises and (mentally) swollen ankles aside. Oh, and those sore, sore legs from walking nearly 7.5 miles on Monday.

Read as: we had our not-prom banquet on Thursday, and Monday we were back at the dreaded C word (The word is college, if you don’t recall. Nothing too offensive, just vaguely traumatizing.)  My experience walking 7.5 miles was more preferable to the high heel experience, but that is because I am not nearly as girly as I could be. To be fair, I–the girl of the two of us–ditched my heels an hour into the night. Cheater. ;P

So much has happened good and weird alike that I think we’re kind of still processing it. I think our senior status is finally sinking in (or kicking me in the face). Maybe… I try not to think about it. I am just enjoying what comes, or trying to survive the not so hot parts. It will be fun, crazy, annoying, and sad over and over again before it is over, but we will get through it together and slay in the process. We’re going to be just fine, just like you will be if you’re currently dealing with anything majorly life changing.

Until next week, drive safely and SLAY. (Okay, now that I’ve flashed us back a couple of years…………….)

Keep your toes in the sand and your car in the lake. 🙂 😀 😛 😉 ❤ ;P :O


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