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Another Post About Movies

Hey, y’all! Good evening (or night, rather, but that sounds weird, though that is a conversation I’m sure we’ve previously had). Tonight’s topic is movies since seeing as this past week was spring break for ACG and I we have found ourselves at theaters this weekend yet again. The first time we were together; this time, not so much. I went with my mother to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I would say “conversely” but these things aren’t diametrically opposed so much as just blatantly different. (AJA uses big words and hopes they aren’t incorrect, ahem.) Anyway, I saw Batman vs. Superman with both of my parents, mostly for my dad’s sake, and ironically although ACG and I weren’t together we both went to the same theater to see these movies. It would be cool if it were the exact same theatre but that is highly improbable due to the fact that they have both been in theatre in their respective spaces to make it easier.

Not being super into superheroes, I can only talk plot about one of them. AJA will have to take the other. She told me what was going on, and I only sorta followed.

I’m not going to dissect the plot on here or tell you how awesome it was because frankly the internet might eat this blog if they saw a positive review of it, or call us fake nerd girls when in fact only one of us is really a nerd girl about superheroes, and yo maybe I am a little fake but I really just saw a movie. Ahem. I thought it was really good, even though a lot of people seem to think it was too much to fit in one movie. I mean, it was a lot, but it was good and I followed it, and I have no attention span, so… Also I was emotional. And that Lois Laine and that Wonder Woman. Yo! I’m psyched for DC’s future movies, and I’m more of a Marvel girl.
Anyway, now it’s ACG’s turn to talk about something I know or understand nothing of… 🙂

I heard that MBFGW2 was below 50%approval on rotten tomatoes, but I’m not sure why. It’s hilarious. Completely, utterly, and absolutely. They had a lot of references and actors from the original, and it made the experience richer, seem more accurate. Those women are doing their jobs of wives and mothers, but they don’t take the job lightly and demand the respect they deserve while doing so. They shame the guilty, encourage the blue, and entertain everyone paying half a mind in the process. It is very much a chick flick, and it is also very much worth it. Two thumbs up, I would not hesitate to see it again. ❤

In conclusion (I say as though this is a book report), although we saw very different movies, our experiences both were great! So for now I must leave you with a reminder to drive safely to your nearest theater and see one of (or both) these two fine films. ❤

Keep your nose in the pie and your hair in the rain. 😀 🙂 😛 :O ❤ 😉 ;P


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