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Spend It Wisely

Good evening! (Sorta. Most would call it night, but that sounds like a goodbye as opposed to a greeting.) Hello! Currently, I have just come to the realization that this month–the shortest month of the year, February, a month of only twenty-eight lonely days–is receiving an additional day! There is a 29th, which makes this year a leap year! On behalf of my brother and a cool realization, I would like to pass along that this happens on the same four year rotation as presidential elections.  Hey, y’all!

Wait, is that The Reason a leap year happens? So we can have a day to fixate on the stress of putting our country into the hands of one someone who thinks they are capable of controlling it? I have no idea. I thought there was something about the planets and orbits, but that makes more sense than anything else. The electoral college decided that we needed an extra day and that would make us informed voters when we decide to take that step. Not gonna lie, I read that as “take that next step” and I was really confused if we were getting in a relationship with the electoral college, but that’s moderately irrelevant… Honestly, time is a manmade concept, and since time isn’t a thing outside of our own minds……………………….

That means that we are tricked into believing we have an “extra” day to spend “wisely!” Mwahahah! (Why am I laugh diabolically? You’re crazy. 😉 Why is ACG letting me monologue? Because ACG was curious about the monologue…)

It is really just another day. I hope for everyone involved that it is a day full of adventure spent wisely, as well.

An adventure to drive safely through. ❤

Keep your keys in the gelatin and your pepper spray in the salt shakers.
🙂 😀 😛 😉 ❤ :-O 🙂 😀 😉


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