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Elephants and Chauffeurs

Hello! Tonight is the night before the day that we all dread internally. At least, on some level… Single people might be lonely or, at least, sick of all the hubbub, and couples might feel stressed to live up to some impossible standard. The good news: contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is just another twenty-four hours we all want to get through unscathed. So, relax, tell someone you love them, and try not to overthink the whole ordeal. Now that that elephant is out of the room (or at least tightly squeezed into the closet), maybe I’ll let ACG get a word in.

Hey, y’all. I need a chauffeur hat. However, I am not a chauffeur, and I am here now. 🙂 You’d be a good chauffeur probably, ngl. That being said, your hair would probably murder the hat. Probably, for everyone not acquainted with my hair, just know that if it is provoked by anything (including brushes) it turns into a monster of frizz. Pencils have lost before, pretty sure. Not the thing you want to mess with unless you’re super bored in math class. 😉 Apparently in college that is the sign of a creeper, though. I mean, it could be more of if that’s how you meet someone it’s kinda weird. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, the facts that my hair is nuts and turns into the bermuda triangle (in both shape and purpose) when it is cut anywhere near shoulder length were the points of that statement, not meeting someone in college. Good. Because you said the c-word, and I think I’m gonna go be sick now. I did not really mean the c-word (believe me, I did not) but it sort of just happened. It was related to this but not the actual c-part.

Still… 0.0 On that note–and my computer’s poor temperament–I must bid you all a good night and remind you to drive safely, lovestruck or not. ❤

I must remind you to keep your petunias on the roof and your paints in the dishwasher. 😉 😀 🙂 :/ :O 😛 😀 🙂


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