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Productivity and Pictures

Hello from a lazy Anna with a sore throat and much more productive Anna who is not me! I mean, I’m just assuming ACG is going to tell you hello. Yo. I am only vaguely more productive. (Oh, honey… Don’t even… You’ve been social and productive both.) I played with some “window putty” today that I am pretty sure was playdough. I also sang for over two hours and surprisingly my throat is not sore. Those two things do not make me always more productive than she is. (I meant for the day… Obvs. I’m the one with sticky notes afterall. ;P Whoops…carry on, then.)

AJA and I have a conundrum. Well, we have many, but in relation to absolutely nothing mentioned here, we have our senior pictures and quote due in soon for the yearbook.  There is so much that goes into picking the senior pictures, and quite frankly, it is obnoxious. This problem is mostly over for us really. It was a problem, but our pictures are turned in and our quotes are basically picked. Fine, AJA and I had a conundrum.

You have to have a formal picture. Some people think drape pictures are a must have (which they are not …as a person who likes uniformity, I can see the point of them, but I’m not going to complain). Some think it has to be in a skirt or dress. Some are okay with the fact that it looks vaguely nicer than the other one you picked for your casual.

Basically most people use the casual to express themselves. Sporty people use pictures in their uniform, book nerds (not unlike myself) take pictures with books, or wear an outfit that isn’t exactly “fancy” but speaks on something that they truly love. Some people get told to climb into a tree during their session and end up really loving that picture out of the batch.

I would think every school would do this, but some may not include this last picture. We had to also pick out a baby picture. This one can even be the hardest picture to pick out of all three. Do you pick a formal posed studio infant picture? Do you pick a formal posed studio toddler or below picture? Do you pick a candid? Do you have to be looking at the camera? UGH!!! The possibilities are endless!!! Yeah… I don’t know. This wasn’t that terrible for me? I don’t know why? I think my mom knew exactly which picture she wanted as though that was always the sole purpose of that photo being taken. (I think my mom thought I should care more and be more decisive over my senior year and memories when I asked for help.) *sighs* I love my mom.

Basically senior year brings up more than just the end of an era. It makes you think about an era that came even before you started school…and that’s not cool. But I think (contrary to ACG’s beliefs) that one day it’ll be worth the stress. Maybe. Hopefully. I am sure it will be useful and cool to look back on. That fact does not make me care today, nor does it make me feel like a senior to the point that I feel the need to care. I’m coping by pretending that there is a future that’s better than what she’s expecting, I think. *rolls eyes*

Remember, all photos–like all grades and other numbers–are just a moment of your life and never determine the entirity of it. Also, drive safely (which reminds me: some casuals are taken with cars. This is more particularly a “boy” thing, however. Which is stupid, I almost got one taken with my truck and some of mine are taken with an old truck bed. There was also a witch’s cauldron thing involved in a couple of pictures, as well.)

Always use strings for scissors and keep your tongue in the pool. 🙂 😀 😛 😉 :O


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