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Why Is It Not April?

Hello, how was everyone’s return to reality? Mine was boring and full of physics (nasty). Oh, wait, we weren’t asking me. So, hey, y’all!!! How was everyone’s return to school? 😀 Or work? Or outerspace?

Outside of school, my Monday consisted of basketball (and for the rest of the week: for many ages and both genders) and some free time and friends. This was the same Monday I only got three hours of the sleep the night before.

The holidays always leave me too much freedom to get my days and nights mixed up. O.O :/ However, we have learned just how done seniors truly get (inner grammarian says “are” I guess, I mean more of become, because it is worse than before.) during their second semester (or how sick they seem to be), and we also learned just how long a week can feel like. WHY IS IT NOT YET APRIL?!? I FEEL LIKE IT SHOULD ALREADY BE APRIL!!! Because there is this novel thing of having to go through January, February, and March first. 😉 😛

Like, I’m not exactly looking forward to making The Big Decision (Which, as a piece of advice, should probably be made before April.), but I am looking forward to being done with everything and the decision being made. (I agree with the sentiment of having made the decision by February sometime.) Totally agree, but I feel like once it is made, my soul will be signed away or something. That makes me think of the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” You’re welcome.

I can’t make words tonight. They don’t order themselves well apparently, so before I say anything offensive. I’m going to instruct that you make good choice and, of course, drive safely.

I suggest being away from the experimental light fixtures when testing and keeping your toes in the puff cakes. 🙂 😀 :O 😛 😉 ❤


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