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Welcome to the Future. (Spoiler Alert: School Still Exists!)

Hey, y’all!!!!!!! (There are 16 characters there because IT’S 2016!!! Where did life go?) Okay, I digress. Hi. 😀

Well, that’s one way to start this.  Welcome to the future, everybody! I cannot even think about the date without wanting to throw a hairbrush at the universe. However, that hairbrush needs to get thrown for many reasons. One of which is school.  (That’s pretty close to a bad word in my book, but anyway, that isn’t particularly relevant.)

Yes, the beginning of the year means the beginning of the second semester. The second semester brings a whole list of things to throw a hairbrush at. So many, in fact, that I think we could open an archery range with a target for each. It would encourage me to learn to aim a little better. *SIGHS* I can’t think about that either.

Not to be too brief with this post, but quite frankly 2016 looks like a year of things I’m not ready to process, so ha…haha…ha. Ha. We have made a lot of progress…the “ha”s are separated now. (Don’t wonder, worry, or fret about it.)

I was hoping there would be a number of words ending in 16, but I’m lame and it didn’t happen anyway. So, keep your nose in the wax and your fingers on the big red button. 😛 ❤ 😀 🙂 😉 ;P :O

Drive safely…or if you’re in my area recklessly while targeting a short, chubby girl with frizzy, awkward-length hair because I might just be down with death. Or at least, pain stronger than the panic in my chest…ha…haha. (I’m mostly kidding…mostly.)


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