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Productivity in Sweatpants

Hey, y’all! If you combine our productivity today, we have gotten MONSTROUS amounts done. Okay, to be fair, I feel like you achieved most of the bizarre things that make a nice list and I achieved like three things that took all of my energy. She took a major test for five hours; that’s amazing in my book. ACG built stools, went shopping, did her homework (partially), and what else? I’m forgetting something… Still. Both of us were relatively productive.

Relatedly, if you combined our outfits as of 3:00pm today, you would see a full sweatsuit. (senior year stuff) *nods* Not only did we wear a sweat suit, we also got stuff ready for a monstrous trip (+3 for me) we will be going soon. I am basically in tears and the common definition of “got things ready” is probably not a good description of what I did. My room is utter chaos, but…(mine, too) The night…is…young. It’s only 11:07pm, right?! RIGHT?!? Sure, whatever floats your boat.  In California, it’s only, like, 8pm. I think. I don’t math well. 😦 My brain is too sleeeeeeppppyyy.

Well on that note, we’re going to let y’all go so everyone can get some sleep. (Roll tide!) Keep your linemen hopping and your fingers in the sockets. 🙂 😉 😀 😛 :0

I don’t understand football. Red is red, and this is the end. Drive safely. Bye.

*Falls asleep on keyboard*


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