College Bees on Halloween

Hello, welcome to the land of the living. They were unalive before? I’m so… I’m so… It’s HALLOWEEN!!! Exactly…the internet is a living beast for one night only. I’ve forgotten every five minutes all day.

Halloween isn’t the only big thing that’s gone on in the past three days. I almost died (okay, not really but it sounds cooler that way)!!! I was afraid she was going to die. She exaggerates. Really, though, it was kind of amazing. Terrifying, you mean.

We were taking a field trip (nearly literally? okay, not really…) with our senior class (be afraid) to take pictures for class stuff. While we were eating lunch, I had a friendly visitor with a yellow and black striped posterior land on my finger. I was holding my second piece of pizza in that hand, as well, and I didn’t get to eat said pizza for a bit. This yellow jacket bee thing crawled around my finger and hand, stayed still for three-ish minutes (it was more like ten thousand), and would’ve stayed longer if the wind had not ripped this poor creature from my finger. While I was glad I could eat my pizza and it no longer tickled, I do sort of feel bad for Mikey. (The thing was on my hand taking its sweet time for probably close to five minutes; we named him. Our son! Okay, that got weird. He obviously was very lonely, though, and needed a parental figure of some sort.)

Displaying IMG_4305.JPG

There it is, the full story. No one was stung, no one died, and the pictures look amazing. (Well, the non-official ones…*shhhhhhhh*) Now, on to the rest of our life and weekend.

Last night we went to a Halloween party as the good cop bad cop of witches. I was an evil sorceress (with amazing makeup thanks to AJA), and AJA was the good witch of the outfit. It was fun, and we went on a hay ride twice. I fought a boy for a water bottle, and got called forty but details… Those two things were unrelated and neither were cool. 😛 I like to fight… *pouty face*

So today we visited a college and they claimed to be great and I like their face. Well, its face. Well…… She looooooooves it. I really like it, too, but she has been in love with it for a long time now. I am excite. I am less excite, but that is mostly because of tiredness currently. I am also fear. Most seniors are at this point though.

Anyway, feed the bees and be an evil queen (or king). Peace!
❤ 🙂 😀 😛 😉 :O :’D

Life has the potential to be very cool, so drive safely. ❤


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