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Dearly beloved… (Is that the right ceremony phrase?)

Each one of us has a beloved pair of pants. Or, at least, you better. *narrows eyes* amen Else you’re wrong. (This is 97% a joke. If you prefer dresses or priestly robes or…wizardly robes? I don’t know. I can’t think of many non-pants options. The point is: we all love pants or something that covers our backsides.)

*sniffles* I agree. The worst thing is when you’ve formed this amazing bond with a certain bottom-coverage-item and then you can no longer wear them. Sometimes you love them so much that people try to convince you that they’re dead and that you shouldn’t wear them before they are fully dead and done. *sniffles more* And then sometimes, unfortunately, tragically, near unbearably, they die completely because a certain someone doesn’t completely listen to the rule of stop before they die completely.

Ahem, what I mean is: REST IN PEACE, ACG’S FAVORITE JEANS. REST IN PIECE. (That was a lame joke, even for me. I’m sorry. I’m so…so sorry.) *sniffles even more* Oh well. I have other jeans. They will dearly miss their older sister but I have them. It won’t be the same without this pair, but I’ll survive.  Maybe.

They led a long and adventurous life. It will be okay. It will be okay. I’m not so sure, but you can say that. It might be okay, so you’re sort of right.


Wear something to cover yourself and drive safely. Otherwise you could get caught for two types of offenses.  

*sniffles* *punches a wall and loses at ping pong again* 😥 D’: 😦 :/ O.o X(


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