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Things You Should Know: Senior Year Edition, Weeks 2-4

Hey, y’all! ACG here.

It’s time to learn things from us (especially because I’m an adult now *nods seriously*)! Yup, I’m still a child; my knowledge is mostly limited to how to grammatically use semicolons in a sentence (and misspell things). But I am mature and responsible and totally capable of ordering Chinese food on my own through a telephone! (Honestly, it was very impressive.)

In other words, it’s time for another Things You Should Know: Senior Year Edition.

  1. You will cry. A lot. Whether from homework, stress, or fear of your fleeting youth. *stares longingly into the distance*
  2. School gyms are hot. Especially with everyone yelling their hot air, but it’s school spirit so… Go Team!
  3. Food becomes your best friend. It just does. Sorry, ACG. -_-(Not really, you’re still better than food, but… It’s number…three, minimum. Awww, thanks.)
  4. Picnic tables for lunch are a good idea, but they are still VERY hot and air conditioning is a blessing.
  5. Take water with you everywhere. You’ll be thankful you did.
  6. Hope the water isn’t yellow when you get it at your school. (If running water is yellow it means it’s likely contaminated with something like rust, and that could end horribly if you drank it. Stay safe.)
  7. Invest in earplugs early on.  
  8. Bolster and fortify your patience and paste on a smile, it looks better in pictures and gets you in less trouble later.
  9. You will stop paying attention to teachers who make you consider jumping off the roof after the first week. You might still want to jump off of the roof, though.
  10. Be careful who you sit between when relationships will be discussed as a part of the class. If it’s a not-quite-but-one-sided couple, be very cautious.
  11. There will be days you will wake up and no matter how far removed something is from your life now, you’ll still feel like you’re not able to take it.
  12. Whatever happens, stay calm and turn to the outspoken, hilarious, and simultaneously adorable girl in the class.
  13. If you have to cry in public, keep your whole face pointed at the ground. That way, your makeup won’t smear.
  14. If you’re thinking about joining a club, make sure you know how many people are going to be participating and if it’s going to be more hassle than it’s worth.
  15. Time is a weird concept. It both drags on and goes by in the blink of an eye. Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff. (I don’t know where that’s from, but my dad always says it. It’s sound advice.)

Time is weird and that was fifteen so I’m off the hook. 😛

That concludes the things we’ve learned since the first week of school. Well, mostly. There are many, many more things we could list. For instance: Physics is not a fun class when there are more than twenty of you. Or essay writing is annoying, even if you’re a writer.

Keep your letters in math class and your face in the glacier. 😀 🙂 😛 😉 :O :’D

That’s it for this week, drive safely as you learn new things.


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