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Disease and Toe Helmets

Good evening. I am sick and have no clue what is going. (Okay, I’m not sick, but I’m kind of sick.)

And I’m trying to figure out what all you can do with a ten minute deadline. I found out that taking a shower can go in that category, sometimes. (8/10 on my end.) Getting a post at least written before midnight is also one of those that we’re going to attempt. (Hopefully.)

Fun fact: Benadryl can actually make you hyper. If you’ve not been able to breathe the entire 24 hours previous, especially. Or if you’re me and just have weird reverse reactions. (True story, my mother used to give me non-drowsy medicine and it’d knock me out.) (No comment.)

Most of my day has been centered around decorations and furniture and how things look. (Read as: my family looked at things and I moved pictures around our house and we went to a formal event.) So my artist creative southern mind is both exhausted and whirling all at once. But that’s kind of normal anyway, just normally not quite so in front of other people or out loud. I also injured another toe but that’s beside the point. We need to get you toe helmets, tbh. Oh, wait. I know what those are called. CLOSE TOED SHOES!!! I was actually at home when this one happened. I was at family’s house when the other toes were injured. Shoes could still be worn in dangerous situations. Wasn’t supposed to be dangerous.

I’ve been sick. (She reiterated because she’s literally done nothing but like complain, cry, and clean today. Look, three c’s!) Cleaning takes effort (mostly mental motivation) and all I really did was a lot of walking, and maybe waiting on that coffee that was really good. Anyway, rabbit hole. Redirection, same thing.

Okay, so basically this has been a life update and we have three minutes to spare. I have nothing else really interesting or that would make sense to everyone involved so I’m going to just tell you to wave your toes in the air like you just don’t care and always blink to your own drum beat. Oh, and don’t necessarily let other people try to make your “songs” into actual musical songs.
😀 ❤ 🙂 :O 😛 😉 :X :’D

I’m sorry. Drive safely, though it is now technically Sunday.


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