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Things You Should Know: Senior Year Edition, Week 1

Good evening, young ones (or old ones or aliens… I’m very inclusive really)! She just likes aliens and old(er) people. Howdy, y’all!

Are you ready for the most useful post of your life? A post filled with the aged wisdom and knowledge of individually wrapped slices of cheese? A post that will change your life forever?!? (It could also be classified as the wisdom of seniors in high school. However, it’s not. Okay, now it is.)

It’s a list of a few things we’ve learned from the first week of our senior year and it goes as follows:

  1. No one in charge of a business stays at said business after lunch on Friday afternoons.
  2. Burble is probably one of the most fun words in existence. (Thanks to for teaching it to me via “word of the day.”)
  3. Do not wear conversational clothing. People will not stop talking about your torso all day.
  4. Even the nicest people seem snotty and give you bad vibes when they’ll only speak in a foreign language.
  5. Lunch tables are weird. Lunch is weird. Social systems are weird.  Also kind of annoying (lunch tables).
  6. You confuse people by considering a dead cell phone to be at “negative 1%” charge.
  7. The more water you drink, the more time you’ll spend washing your hands. I learned that the week before school started, ha ha. I mean, I’ve known that, but it merited repeating.
  8. People remember your group grammar mistakes a lot longer than they should. (I’ve also known this principle for a long time but it’s come back up.) I.E.: “Horses.”
  9. You can do math from other classes in math class. Apparently you should be allowed to be doing 2+2 in Calculus and your teacher pat you on the back. I mean, it was more like 3.56789034422×10^78/4.567890×10^-65, and then take that number and add convert it to “yactograms,” but you know… Whatever. Our other friends proclaimed the principle aforementioned in less specific terms though, I was just passing along how it sounded.
  10. You can create a lamp out of a book, cord, lightbulb, and bolt. Essentially, though I haven’t done it yet I’ve seen the product.
  11. If you try hard enough, you can nap anywhere. Even the lunch table with one hand on your soup spoon. (I didn’t actually sleep, but boy, could I have.)
  12. If your brain decides it’s not going to shut off, you very well might still be awake at 2:30 and then the next day isn’t near as fun as if it would’ve shut off when you originally attempted it at, say, 1:35. (It’s also less fun when you have to worry someone is going to hate you forever, but can’t keep your own mouth shut because ??? *blushy wide-eyed emoji* Then it all works out{the important part was that she wasn’t going to be hated at all anyway but wouldn’t admit to knowing that} and you’re all “^-^ heh!!” )
  13. There will be a lot of feels. You might even cry every night before falling asleep, despite having relatively good days. (Every day is full of emotions.)
  14. Corners of doors hurt heads if the two come into contact with each other. (I’m blaming other things than gravity, I’m not that unoriginal.)
  15. “You only have 180 days of school left. Let’s play games.”

That, my friends, is a very good descriptor of apparently how the rest of senior year is going to be since it was a quote (essentially, the words “Let’s play games.” were implied by handing us the cardboard box I’m pretty sure, but that’s beside the point) from during a class. So for now, we’ll keep learning as much as we can this school year and may periodically update you on what those things may be. ❤ 😀 🙂 😛 😉 ;P :’D

Drive safely…for the next 180 days. (Well, more than that, but school days.)


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