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Words Happened.

Welcome. This post may contain vague lies (but they’re not really lies). They’re technicalities.

Ahem, what I mean is: I WAS PRODUCTIVE FOR ONCE!!!

Productive in a very vague way 😉 No, I’m teasing. I’m pretty proud of AJA, she accomplished something fairly major tonight. She can tell you what it is, though because I don’t want to steal her thunder 😛

I (I am little “i” quality, but ACG is a stickler for capitalization rules) finished another story and I have no clue what the word count is but I’d guess around 70K…. *blushes* *hides* *dies* She shouldn’t blush, hide, or die. It’s good. Anyway, back to what she was saying.

It’s a lot of words and I’m a little behind in my latest which is at…27938 as it currently stands. So it’s very impressive. Very. A lot. Quite. Significantly. Okay, I think I’m done with my lengthy list of adjectives now.

Other things that are impressive today and didn’t happen to me: ACG’s family traveled several hours to go to a weird surprise party and I’m scared about how they made it, like, work out and not be dead of traveling-trapped-in-car exhaustion???  It wasn’t that far. A couple hours one way. And it wasn’t nearly as impressive so quit trying to brush it off to me.

Words happened. 70,000 words happened over the course of like four months.

*cries* WHAT IS MY LIFE?!? Ahem. What I mean is: use your words wisely and drive safely as you travel to all of life’s many surprise parties? Is that a good one for this week? I think so.

write on and capitalize the word i 😉 🙂 😀 :’D :O 😛 :/ 😀 🙂


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