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Broken Toe

Hey, y’all!  

*awkwardly waves from a dark corner*

I really don’t want to see another paper(printed)  picture for a LONG time. Almost as long as I want to sleep right now. (photo album galore clean out thanks to family)

I…am not really sure where I am or what’s happening, so I’m just going to say: send good vibes ACG’s way. Also my parents may or may not have been inspired by her family and are going through old stuffs, too, which is just…odd.

I apologize and don’t wish to influence anyone to take on that monstrosity just because, unless you’ve wanted to for some time and in that case, ha ha we did it, y’all can too! But really, I wasn’t encouraging that.

In related news, ACG almost broke her toe. I mention that mostly so that we can title this post “Broken Toe,” but…also to encourage sympathy and love towards my friend. But seriously… That’s how this post got (is getting?) its namesake.

Awww, thanks. It hurt. Badly. But that’s okay because I’ll survive and…yeah, not sure what else is “good” about it. Other than it became a namesake.

Well, this has been a post. The pictures may have been paper, but obviously this post is not. (Ahem. We saw Paper Towns Friday. I was trying to be clever, but……..)
Keep your pictures in your phones and your toes away from chair legs. 🙂 😀 😉 😥 😦 :O 😛 🙂
Oh, and if per chance, you go on any sporadic road trips to find a girl who doesn’t want to be found, please drive safely. ❤


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