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Things Learned at a Party

  1. Wigs are very, very itchy.
  2. People are exhausting.
  3. Spinning in circles is also exhausting but more fun.
  4. If you don’t want to become a source-of-an-extra-life-target, bring a Nerf gun.
  5. If you do bring a Nerf gun, you run the risk of losing bullets.
  6. Get no drink stronger than peach tea when you have already had more than your normal quota of Dr. Pepper for the month the day before and that’s what you call “stronger” (and you don’t exactly like Dr. Pepper to start with).
  7. For some reason, almost everyone seems to be okay with you grabbing them by the forearm or wrist. (Results may vary.)
  8. if you don’t talk to a lot of people willingly and slash or you’re not exactly into partying, you follow people around a lot because you’re not really talking to anyone else anyway, though I wasn’t totally singular in my conversing tonight.
  9. If you try to talk to everyone, be prepared to feel like an idiot when you get home because you will have said something you regret at some point.
  10. When you go to a party, 😀 🙂 😦 😥 :’D :O 😛 😉 :/
  11. Most importantly–leaving or arriving–remember to drive safely. ❤

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