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Two Tired Girls Present…

I’m just going to be straight with you. This is one tired girl, and we are presenting you with essentially nothing. So if you were looking for entertainment either scroll down further or just get yourself off our blog.

Ahem. I mean…

Hello, this is AJA, and I am here to tell you that ACG and I are both exhausted. So, tonight’s post is as simple as this: ACG has church things going on and has been exceedingly social all day (and will continue to be so for much of next week) and I took a huge test today (the ACT, the SAT’s southern little brother). We are neither fit to write nor feeling a post this Saturday. I hope you all can stand and understand our absence.

Until further notice (or next Saturday), rest up and drive safely.*

*(Because your response time and driving skill is more severely impaired when you haven’t slept in around 36-48 hours than it is when you are actually drunk! I hope I’m saying that right. Do not quote me. That’s another thing: look up your own facts. Alright… I’m getting out of the parenthetical. Good night.)


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