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A Trip to The Past AKA Last Week’s Post This Week: EYELIDS OF WONDER

Can you (or do you know someone who can or could) do that trippy cool thing with their eyelids? You know, the juvenile flip them halfway back up to freak other people out, trick. What ACG means to say is, if you could reveal the inside of  your eyelids, what color would you like for them to be? I actually was curious, about the literal question, too. But that’s okay, we’ll settle with the creative question.

Last week this was vaguely mentioned, and now… IT’S DECISION TIME!

I’d be too sporadic while trying to pick. So I’d probably just end up with my go to color scheme of black, red, and silver. Or navy and silver, either works. I’d also go for a vine theme because it looks cool.

Personally I’d just, like, defeat the purpose and paint them black. You can’t go wrong with black. Ever.

If you must be so ironic (it’s my favorite color. there is literally no intended irony. A person painting a dark place black. But it’s not intended.Does a dentist mean to get a cavity? I rest my case. I specified intended irony. So, your argument is invalid.), that sounds cool, I guess. If nothing else, sometimes we do get to see patterns and colors when we close our eyes just a little too tight or rub them so 🙂 😀 bonus points.

That’s not really a consolation, in my opinion. But if you enjoy such things, who am I to rain upon your parade.

I’m easy to amuse and occasionally I sound optimistic. 😉

I’m not even getting into this whole optimism/pessimism thing now. But I think we found next week’s topic! Oh no. #REALISTPROBS

On that note, I think it’s time to remind you to keep your eyelids open while you drive and, in doing that, drive safely.

Keep your toes detached and your emotions sporadic. 😀 🙂 😛 😉 ❤ :O 🙂


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