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Typos (Swype-os)

Hello, all! And welcome to this week’s installment of “Two Girls Yell at the Internet” or “Two Girls Vent Their Thoughts Because This is where Crazy Lives.” Tbh, my title is more entertainingly vague, but that’s not the topic of discussion. However, typos are the topic of discussion. (Yeah, that’s how you grammar, right?)

For instance, have you ever intended to “pop” out of a roof(most memorable writing mishap I remember), but not quite do just that. Perhaps you even intended to have done something (see past tense of “do” (it’s “did” if you’re not certain what I’m getting at)) and instead, you “died.”

And thanks to the wonderful invention of Swype, my first major typing boo boo like that was that “hahaha” turned into “gasbags” and I still use that phrase on the rare occasion (I’m p.sure it’s only with one person/the first receiver of that mistake though because I’d forgotten about it entirely).

All in all, autocorrect, Swypo-s, and flat out blonde moments can be some of the most entertaining words to ever read in a given context. Especially if you know you’re texting someone who can figure them out or will at least appreciate them as they ask what you actually meant and then you just let them go and put what you meant in parenthesis and move on with your conversation. (But as a piece of advice, don’t use them in arguments, it kills your momentum. Or do use (youse, apparently according to my brain) them in arguments. You’ll sound less mad and therefore infuriate the other person further.)


Be cautious who you trust your typos with, they can turn on you in a heartbeat. 😉 🙂 😛 😀

Drove safety. (Or rather, drive safely. <3)


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