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“O.” “O…” “O!”

Hey, y’all! Hola, aloha, bonjour… To be even more blunt: hi.

Can I just give a big shout out to everyone out there who faces their problems head on and doesn’t run away from them? No, seriously, that’s an amazing thing to be able to do. Because if you don’t run away from them, those problems are a lot less likely to terrorize our planet and reverse gravity with the simple twist of a space ball looking thing (it actually looks a little like one of those baseball practice reaction balls, anyway I digress). And to all the people who never eat the blue mints. 😉

Basically, she’s talking about the movie Home that came out a month or so ago. It was super cute, and I may or may not have cried. I may or may not admit to having almost cried.

The Boov are my favorite thing in the cutest way. I loved how they changed colors and the concept of important and not important was hilarious from an animated alien’s perspective. They had the innocence of children when it came down to human problems but the vocabulary and knowledge of an average person, in my opinion.

So, like, I appreciated that it was obvious English was a second language. Because they have kept having for to do the talking. It was adorable. They were adorable. Most importantly though the child who sat somewhere in the vicinity of above my left shoulder, who kept giggling, was adorable. (Okay, that’s not the most important thing, but it was pretty cute!)

There was also a pep talk I got from a guy who wanted me to do something for him and had seen it too. It went about like this:

“Come into the out, Anna! Come see the purpose of your face.”

So, I think we’re essentially saying that the movie was great but it’s even better than just the movie because it’s one of those movies that touches people’s lives and sticks in the real world. (Maybe? Or did I just make this up? I probably just made this part up. Never mind.)

It’s a really cute movie with a lot of emphasis on family and facing your fears. (Plus how can you not admire the animation for Tip! I mean, she’s so real and so gorgeous!) 10/10 would reccommend. Definitely!!!!


Keep your plugs in the sink and your faucets in the outlets. (Or don’t.) 😛 🙂 😀 😉 ❤

Drive safely ❤


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