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Rain Is a Good Thing (I Miss Screaming and Fighting…In The Rain)

Hey, y’all! We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack *sing song-y voice* and better than ever! Okay, we weren’t really ever gone but…we’re back. End of story.

It rained. That’s a part of the story. It also didn’t rain. That’s another part. This story is confusing, and I’m questioning our credibility as writers. Hush. It’s the best.

BUT…Friday was ACG’s birthday so, like, you should say happy birthday. (Sing to me and I’ll hiss like the dragon AJA isn’t 🙂 JERK!)

Of course, by now you may be wondering what any of this has to do with rain. Obviously you’ve never had your entire day based around whether or not the weather did a thing. Though, usually people hope weather doesn’t do a thing, so something doesn’t get rained out. (I’ve yet to decide just how much I think things balance out because I love rain and it’s, like, my favorite thing ever. A) she’s lying. I’m her favorite thing, even if she doesn’t know it. B) I said usually, and last I checked nothing was “usual” about you. ;-P) This time… THIS time we desperately needed rain. Yes, yes we did. 😀

Fortunately the thing happened, a baseball game got rained out (ACG and our other friend keep stats for the team), which meant we got to hang out on ACG’s birthday during which time she totally got to be liberated of rules previously confining her, so. * fist bumps *

The rule about driving safely? Yeah, I’m free of it. For good.

This frightens me and excites me. So, I’m just gonna pretend you couldn’t totally legally run away now. Well, sort of legally. Ah, things to look forward to… oh well, I’m happy with my liberties now and greatly thankful for all of them. Including the one to dance in the rain, or scream and fight.

“I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain. So in love you were acting insane.” ~Taylor Swift 😀

At this point there is only one thing left to say and directly to ACG, drive safely. ❤


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