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The Cause of NHW: Caffeine

So, basically tonight we’re talking about drugs. Well, a legal drug. One you don’t even consider a drug it’s so common. Caffeine.

Yay! Caffeine! That thing that makes perky people more perky and gets writers through life! And if given to a combination of the two or even worse an addict, it’s like you set off a hyper bomb.

I really don’t have anything to add except that I kind of love caffeine more than like most other things, and I would like more. So. Basically I’m probably past addicted. If that’s a thing.

There was a reason I said what I said. She becomes a nuclear hyper weapon. Yet she’s charmed enough people and has Cupid-ed (yes, it’s now a verb) them into letting her have it and even supplying it. I’ve yet to figure it out.

To be fair, I’d get my hands on it anyway. Besides, I don’t hurt anyone when I have caffeine. I’m a very chill person honestly. (Lies! She punches when she gets excited! It hurts and it’s a good thing my arms don’t bruise easily. I haven’t hit you intentionally in over a year…probably{not}. So, your argument is invalid)

Basically caffeine is good regardless what ACG thinks. I didn’t think it wasn’t good. I like my caffeine, well the flavors paired with it, but it doesn’t really turn me into a nuclear hyper weapon (NHW) either. She’s crazy.

Always lick the spoon and keep your espresso on the top shelf. 😉 #) 🙂 😀 😛 :O

And drive safely.


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