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So, this Thursday evening I basically just walked around laughing and saying the word “pretty” so I didn’t cry, and I still don’t feel like we had banquet.

I was really just wishing for jeans. The food (minus the mushy green beans and lettuce) was good and the entertainment (minus the strange sad/romantic (since, you know, most of the couples are “romantically involved”) music) was great and the decorations were gorgeous.

It was very…pretty and lovely and great. Yes, it was. But, am I a terrible person if I say I feel like it didn’t matter? No because it doesn’t/didn’t. At all? Like there was nothing special about it for me. We weren’t special and infinite. We were in itchy dresses, surrounded by too many people.

But we survived and then went to play a video game that I still don’t understand (aka my childhood) and sleep on a couch (which was really uncomfortable), get a cramp that still hasn’t really gone away, and eat a brunch on a trampoline (which was when I finally did feel…something so * thumbs up *).

So, to sum it all up, banquet was good for a few laughs, a lot of pictures, and food. It could’ve been worse and it could’ve been better, I guess. But, that’s for next year I guess… Heh… Ha… * deep breaths *

For now, though, always eat your pizza hot and your ice cream freezing.
🙂 😀 😛 😉 ❤

And don’t look out over the bridge while you’re driving safely.


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