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Fangers, Spring Showers, and Productivity…:D

Welcome to the most disturbing, terrifying topic we have discussed on this blog: returning to school after spring break. Yes, it is true! We’re here to express our sympathy to everyone who has had to deal with it or is alongside us dreading the experience ourselves. Or those who are working and wish they had a spring break to have to dread the end of.

The worst part I think is that 2015 has been a snowball running kind of year already. I mean, it’s almost April! What is even going on with time?!? The year is literally approaching being a fourth over(3 days) with every tick of the clock. So, of course, spring break has lasted no time hardly in my mind. (Double negative if we’re getting in the spirit…I think it is, at least…maybe. Sorta. *ducks head* never mind, ignore me. It’s okay you just want to embarrass me. I know how it is with you. Of course.)

Basically, I’m beyond confused about time’s function in our lives at this point and I don’t want to go back to school. So why don’t we just not and say we don’t have to!? 😀 😀 😀

I like that idea. We can read, write, and whatnot FOREVER!

Agreed. So, there you have it according to the Annazzz you never have to go back to school again. The End.

Well, this was a lovely decision. Look at us being all productive! I’m proud!

All you vampires out there, remember that pointing with your fangers isn’t nice! Use your noses instead. 😀 🙂 😛 :O 😉

When you do actually go to school again (assuming you were on break and realize this whole post has been a joke), drive safely.


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