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Today really IS special…*insert pi symbol here*

Hey, everybody! I’d like to say that I didn’t pick the topic today but I’m not hating on it. Just stating that I didn’t pick it. It’s because she doesn’t want everyone to know she’s actually a real nerd because then I couldn’t call her nerd lovingly and jokingly, and I’d have to upgrade to, like, princess or something. I don’t know. I can’t think of any loving non-insulting(she says this after declaring me a nerd…-_-) insults right now. But that’s not the topic of today. The topic would be PI DAY! And, yes, today is the super Pi Day. Or, Ultimate Pi Day.

Also known as: my reason to eat a ton of sugar and get out of a class once a year. Not that I don’t eat a ton of sugar regularly. But at school and actual pie is rare for me. I mean, what else do you expect a bunch high school students to do with a day called pie day?  That sentence was kind of lame. I’m sorry.

If you’re wondering why this one is so specially “ultimate” it’s because the digits are 3.1415(to four decimals) and the date is 3.14.15… Hilarious, right? There are some more numbers after that, too but…I can’t remember those (92653 = 9:26:53AM would be the moment that it was literally Pi Day). Maybe there’s a nine next or something…

So, as you can tell: I’m an ACTUAL nerd. ACG is a “nerd” who likes sweets. And today was a good day.

Just eat the pie instead of talking about it and remember to always give people sparkly bunnies. 😀 😉 🙂 😛 :O ;D

And drive safely. ❤ 3.141592653…


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