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Music Monday 3: Little Toy Guns (Or alternately, Carrie Underwood is Great!)

Hey, all! So, if you didn’t already know, Carrie Underwood had her baby a couple of days ago!!!! 😀 (That’s not vital to the post but I really like the fact.)

That is related to this “Music Monday” because today we’ll be doing one of her new(er-ish) songs: “Little Toy Guns,” which I just watched the music video for and kinda hated ACG for ever suggesting because now I’m moderately upset(to be fair I haven’t seen the video, I’ve just heard the song which is moderately sad in its own right), but we shall move on.

One of my favorite things about the song is that it’s kind of haunting. You hear the tune and then the words kind of start registering with you and you realize just how scary it would be for a child.

Honestly I like the whole of the song for a lot of reasons. I don’t even think that thinking about it through the eyes of a child is super necessary. It’s true no matter your age. Even if you’re the one saying the words, there’s that feeling of “I don’t want to hurt them” sometimes. (I mean, there is the whole “I’m saying this to hurt you” mind set, too, but we’re not here to discuss fights. Maybe in our next Saturday post! ;D)

Even if you don’t like country music, it’s Carrie Underwood who is one of the artists that seems(maybe not, but from what I’ve observed) to be pretty well liked across the board and she’s not too far country to be annoying. I mean, I like her. 😉

That’s it for now, folks! Remember to keep the radio on, the music up, and never forget to floss! (Okay, so I really don’t care if you floss or not. (;) I love you all! 😀 🙂 😛 ;D 😉

And as always, drive safely. ❤


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