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25,000 Words From Your Friendly Neighborhood Telepathics

Good evening, we are here tonight to discuss something that will haunt you for years to come. Okay, that’s not exactly true. But…I mean, I don’t know your fears, man.

And that was the theatrics for the night. Sort of…who knows, we may have line dancing cats in top hats, too…so many possibilities. It is us afterall.

But we’re not here to put on a show. Instead, we’re here to talk about somehow writing 25,000+ words in 48 hours with breaks for sleep and other interests(only sort of though, mostly just sleep). Of course, neither of us did that alone, seeing as this is a co-written project(I wouldn’t have fingers left if I’d done it alone or a brain if she had). And honestly we’re a great team. No bragging intended. (Okay, okay! Bragging slightly intended.)

If it says anything about me, she gets the emotional parts. I take the action scenes generally.Unless the action is someone having a nervous breakdown because that’s mostly emotion based. Yeah, but I’m not too concerned with it, it’s what I have other people for to criticize, correct, or do for me. *Sighs* She can write emotion scenes a lot better than she thinks. I just monopolize, I’m pretty sure.

But there is definitely a reason I don’t do action, and that’s because everyone would just start crying. Maybe. I’m not saying it’s not possible but she’s a lot less annoyed when she lets her characters’ emotions move them instead of their brains or things like fight scenes.

Writing together can also make the dialogue easier because we split it up and it’s even less likely that it seems like one person playing two different parts at the same time (cue image of a person running back and forth switching a top hat (knew that was coming!) and a mustache respectively).

Having telepathy also helps, but that’s just a bonus. “Telepathy” you make it sound so simple. It’s more like… there’s a brain string… This just got weird. Never mind. I was trying to be cool. Don’t hate me.  Love me anyway. Sigh, as if…but yeah, “brain strings” aside, it helps to be on the same wavelength (that’s not that much different than “brain strings.”) because you don’t seem like your document is trying to rip itself in two from the inside out.

It doesn’t matter how in sync people are though because TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND is a LOT of words (it’s half the NaNoWriMo challenge starting count) no matter if that’s all the people have to do or they’re twins or clones or whatever, it’s a huge chunk of most stories(over a quarter of it even possibly).

So, in conclusion. We’re both tired but for very different reasons, and so this post gets to stay short (I think it’s our first or close to it less than a page) and less variant than most others.

Drive safely and don’t go gently, my friends.  (Sorry I have a slight obsession with Dylan Thomas from time to time.)

Psh, always be reckless and go nuts. Love all of you!  ❤ 😀 🙂 😛 😉


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