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Never forget to share

Aloha! Hola! Gudentag! Possibly bonjour! Hi! Today we’re here to remind you all that ACG and I share a lot of things. For instance, a name. Literally. Like, how do you get closer than that? I’m sorry you asked. Or…caused me to ask. Despite that fact that we share many, many things…there are still some things I would never share with even my bestest best friend.

Guys. We’ve discussed that before. There’s many reasons to that. Many, many reasons, but that’s kind of a given. Past, current (ha…that’s a joke), or future (for me that might also be a joke because, like, I’m so emotionally unstable I forget to capitalize i’s sometimes) are all off limits. She thinks she won’t have a guy to share…ha, that’s also a joke.

…Not…toothbrushes? EW NO! Ily, but honestly… um. no. maybe if like it was an emer– nope, sorry. That made it worse. I would share toothpaste though. Like, tube wise. This just sounds weird.

Certain clothes. We all know what I’m talking about at face value but she also refused to wear my socks the other day, too so….yeah. I wore your leggings though, and I would’ve worn your socks if, like, I wasn’t paranoid that my feet would offend your socks. I mean, like your feet are so tiny and precious that I’m sure you’ve never offended your socks, but I have, and I’m just… Offended socks are awful. BUT the actual clothing items she’s referring to, I don’t think we could actually share part of at least at all, and the other would just be…no.

Uhhhh…ice cream…? Well I would if there was enough… I’d share my ice cream with you. Actually. Take my ice cream. Run away with it. Don’t let me have ice cream. I’ll just get sticky.

Parents? That’s impossible unless we marry brothers and then that’s okay. What? What? Wait… Wait… Okay… I get it… But it’d be weird to marry brothers. But… Sorry. Fantasies. Then we could share a wedding day, too Maybe kinda sorta…! But what if one of us didn’t meet the other’s guy’s brother until the wedding day? Would we have to get married on said people’s anniversary? That’d just be…weird. That would be weird…but we should probably meet before just in case.

I don’t think sharing…lollipops would be that much fun. Actually, I wouldn’t mind. Don’t argue the difference between toothbrushes and food. Just don’t go there. No worries I won’t.

And then we could never really share shoes because your feet a tiny. I could share yours…and stuff socks in the end. My feet aren’t that big… You’d probably just be a little floppy. Maybe.

Am I forgetting anything we couldn’t/wouldn’t share? Besides the completely taboo normal stuff? Um. Nope. Can’t think of anything.

So basically…share and share alike unless it’s physically impossible or emotionally/physically compromising. Sounds good to me.


STICK SPOONS IN SOCKETS!!! It’s harder than a fork or knife but is much more rewarding!!!!!! (That’s not scientifically proven.) I’m just saying.

Just… drive safely. It’s winter. It’s icy. Don’t die. Unless you’re in Australia. Then I’m not suggesting you die. I’m just worried about how you’re going to not. I mean, really. Is everything deadly there?

😀 🙂 #) O.o ❤ 😉 😛


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