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Dress Shopping and Other Terrors of the Natural World

Hey, yall, I know we’re not normally the most ladylike, or the girliest…but, that doesn’t matter because we’re juniors and have prom dress shopping coming up(even if it’s a banquet where we go to school and has more restrictions and requires adding material that didn’t exist before to practically every formal dress you can find). So, we’re being girls and doing girl things. Like shopping…


This of course results in things like needing to sell your ribs, possibly your spleen or maybe multiple parts of your body because you’re getting tired of trying to find things that would work.

Or finding a dress online that DOESN’T EXIST ONLINE BUT YOU JUST PUT IT ON YOUR BODY HOURS EARLIER IN A STORE!!! The struggle is real. The struggle is so, so real.

Another problem figuring out how to convince your friends to “just try” something even if they don’t think it would fit completely or look perfect. Especially when they have something in mind already.

Yeahhhh…it’s not me she’s talking about, promise(I don’t think nope, it’s not you) because I’ll try almost anything in the privacy of a shut door no camera dressing room.


But then there’s also the times when you go to a store that you’ve been dying to go to for years(since you’ve realized it was there) and then you find things you really, really like and someone else from the party finds(or tries it on after you hand it to them) a dress that is amazing on them and they end up getting said dress.*raises hand politely* I think she’s talking about the sparkle-shedding creature that I got, which means I can’t change too drastically in the next… three-ish? two-ish? three-ish? months. Which, yes, ACG totally found. So, props to her for that.

68 days, if anyone was wondering…or as far as we/I know. that’s just over two months… This is why I’m going to become a hobo or runaway or whatever you said the other day(run away and get picked up as a hitchhiker by her soulmate and then she’s going to tell me where they are so I can meet him, give him a token of approval if he deserves it[which he probably won’t but that’s just the best friend talking] and they can get on finding me a boyfriend as their next mission, simple right?).

As great as that would be, it’s not going to happen. But for that story tune in next week for Anna Can’t Imagine Herself Existing in Six Days.


Keep your dresses stuck, ribs in your cage, and feet on the wall.

🙂 😀 😉 😛 :O

Just… drive safely.


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