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Alternative ideas…? Yeah, I had to try…

Hey, y’all! Just lil’ ole me again. AJA is MIA, presumably sleeping, so you’re stuck with me again. She’ll be back soon…maybe 🙂

Tonight, I’m going to discuss different things you MIGHT(if you were a little crazy) seriously consider to be your boy/girlfriend…no, not all of these are true or at least from experience, thank you very much *blushes and ducks head*

1. You can use any stuffed animal or plush object with a face.
Whether it’s your comforting and long time friend teddy bear or a strange fuzzy ball that has a face, whatever works as long as you believe. You might even get away with maybe a doll.

2. You can use any pillow.
You’ve heard of people kissing their pillows, how about just taking that relationship to the next level, huh?

3. Soccer ball, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, softball, okay I think we get that I’m talking balls here!
This may be more for guys than girls but we’re all in love with our sports anyway, right? Why not just bite the bullet and admit that we want to date the embodiment-slash-symbol-slash-focus of our favorite sport?

4. Signs.
They’re easy. They will say whatever you want them to say. They’ll stay where you leave them to the best of their ability. Also, they can’t take revenge on you after you move on. 😉

5. An alibi or person of the opposite gender who owes you a favor.
We’ve all seen this one go horribly in movies and shows and whatnot but that doesn’t change the fact that if you’re seriously considering any of these to introduce to your parents, friends, or ex (or maybe even just for yourself as a self-help-anti-pity-party thing), well, you might be up for trying it because at least this is a real, animated, human choice.

There you have it! Five choices for non-boy/girlfriend boy/girlfriends! I don’t seriously suggest any of these outside of a joking situation but, hey, if you want it, go for it. I won’t judge, but the judge you go to for the wedding ceremony/certificate might laugh at you and sentence you to time with sane family and friends.

With love,
🙂 😉 😀 😛

P.S. Drive safely and eat marshmallows!


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