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Happy–….Merry–…Oh, whatever! It’s 2015

Hey, y’all!!!!! Happy 2015!!!! Or is it “merry 2015?” I forget…

Anyway…it’s just me toda–night, tonight. Just lil’ ole ACG. But that’s okay because I’m competent in my own rights, behind a couple of solos, and AJA is finishing up her latest masterpiece (AJA: 3 ACG:…working on it) and she’s in her own little world.

But we don’t need her to have a happy and successful post. I can do it…right? Right. *cue cheerleader echo*

As much as I hate to ruin the mood, school starts Monday and I’ll be looking forward to new looks, Scorpion(it’s a TV show on CBS for those who need a new show to watch) at eight o’clock, and the fact that it’s only a half day of school so AJA, myself, and anonymous friends and siblings that aren’t listed here will be going on a lunch date. *cue happy dance* *imaginary sweet tea sip*

Oh, yeah, and I hope to have my partner in crime (or at least the lookout for my trouble) back to help me with a musical, mystical, and magical post.(Speaking of musical, we saw the new movie Annie today and EVERYONE sang. Except the dog and some people at a restaurant but that’s understandable.)

As for now, I don’t want to get too in depth here without AJA so I’ll just leave y’all be and let you know she missed for a noble cause instead of me who tends to be because I’m lame and have to sleep or something.

In tribute…drive safely, everyone! 😉

🙂 😀 😉 ;P 😛


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