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Winning The Hunger Games with The Annas

I’m going to jump right in. This week, in honor of us seeing Mockingjay, we decided to talk about the possibility of us surviving the Hunger Games ourselves, keeping in mind murder is wrong in pretty much every circumstance and our discussion within this post has no bearing on our morals and our standards on the things within real life.

Here I was, just gonna say hi to all the ladies, gentlemen, and surfers (also cats, ferrets, and most importantly dogs…says the girl who was just gonna jump in I’m in a better mood this week. Much. Better. So…stick a sock in it.) of the world… At least she’s better 😀 I’d do a smiley face back but as discussed before, I’m too lame to use emoticons. Also, this is the Hunger Games. No smiling allowed. Unless you’re Effie.

At this point, I assume you’d like to know if either of us–abandoning all previous morals and regard for human life– thinking we’d actually survive and I can answer you in one word: No. I, AJA, would never under any circumstance survive the Hunger Games unless the only obstacle was having to sit very still in one position for a long time while everyone else did the same.

I’m not too sure about myself. I’d like to tell you that I’d be a beast but I’m not very athletic. But what I can say is that if I was going to die within the first…eh, probably twenty tributes, it would be because I tripped and managed to be unconscious then drown or brained myself on the cornucopia after making friends with the muttations. (I’d like to add that I can totally win in a fight with her because I just don’t give up easily. Maybe I would survive. If everyone were ACG, I’d survive.) Basically, I’d be okay but luck would somehow not be on my side. I’d also totally like to say she so can’t  beat me, I don’t even want to start that fight. (The only reason I was forced to surrender last time was that you brained yourself on my head, and I had to check on you. The time we were fighting over the playstation controller messaging him? (I almost hashtagged that “#lowblow” but that just sounded weird. He is to remain unmentioned on this blog ever again. Except now. Because I like my hashtag.) Ohhhh no during Divergent. No I’m pretty sure that your head was hurting and it was not my head, I think it was my chin. I think it was also because I didn’t need to have to explain to my parents where I got bruises, whereas in the Hunger Games, they’d understand a few bruises.) But if we were in there and she started spouting stuff like that, my barber knife is sooo coming out and into her neck. Yeah, yeah. Big bark, small mouth. Literally, but remember who’s got the purple belt (and hasn’t been to karate in a year? almost? not quite, but pretty close.)? And my first reaction is basically hit first, ask later? Okay. You should also remember that I make most guys twice my size wince in pain with a not-for-self-defense hit. Whatever. Just know that I’d definitely get in the cute but protective initiate’s good graces and have a not-so-secret-since-anything-scandal-worthy-is-televised wedding and see if that worked for me because, hey, if we’re in love why should the Hunger Games (Quarter Quell or not) stop us? Ah, but Katniss wasn’t doing out of romantic love at least not at first. And who’s the one who can stand being touched and doesn’t like being helped because I feel like I owe people things that I don’t have? *points thumbs at self* *becomes biggest narcissist in all of human history* *make that: becomes biggest narcissist in all of Greek mythology* *becomes such a narcissist Narciss loses his street cred*

WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT KATNISS EVERDEEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am not her, don’t exactly want to be her, and was talking about myself. I just want to get out of the Games and get away from multiple action notations…please. If you can use emoticons, I can (over)use action notation. Is this in the post? I think it is. Even this comment. I think my people will appreciate it.

*Starts humming bit to Yellow Flicker Beat* *Starts singing Yellow Flicker Beat* *Insists you listen to Yellow Flicker Beat if you have not* *Guilds life in Yellow Flicker Beat* *Remembers guilds is a word* I’ll be here all week. The pen lovers and I will stick to appropriate amounts and do what we feel and not mention the song we’re so over-obsessed (needs a hyphen_-_) with even though it’s not Immortals from the Big Hero 6 movie by Fall Out Boys. That song is a-okay. I like Fall Out Boys and look forward to seeing Big Hero 6, but Yellow Flicker Beat is literally (literally and unarguably *eye roll*) the best you cannot change my mind on that, though you can have a different opinion. It’s a song that I think can save lives. Or end them…in excitement! *heart-eye face*

I’m done trying to change your mind about anything. You don’t listen anyway. But I have heard the song, too. Not bashing, just saying it’s not the best (LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!). But I am ACG…my heart-eye face lies with country. She likes no music I like. It’s sad. Our friendship is lying in shambles…just like District 8. SPOILER ALERT!  #whoops.

I like music that you like. I don’t worship music you love. I don’t worship music. I recognize it’s ability to give people the words they need when they don’t have them themselves. Taylor Swift is great, well, I still like her original stuff better because C but anyway, I digress. You like TS as is at this moment more than ever before (She and Ella Yeilch-O’Connor (a.k.a. Lorde are bae.), I don’t prefer her or the genre over others. I’m not gonna say it. Not gonna say it. Not gonna say it.

But I’m not here to argue about music, it’s not going to get anyone anywhere or amuse anyone (it’s pretty amusing honestly). The last word won’t be mine obviously and my people know who they are and support me, silently or not…so *shouts out to anyone listening to the country station on any device* Country must be country wide!!!! Or earth-wide!!!! Country girl can survive!!!! My people are on the right side of music industry, and they can feel the beat in their heart. So thanks for that. *wipes tear* *your empathy towards me increases*

Essentially, I don’t think either of us would survive the Hunger Games because we’re writers(though I can write a wicked torture or fight scene. She can. It’s cool. I’m more of an emotional writer. Grab your tissues, kiddies!) not fighters. We fight with our words and our hearts and our minds and our brillances!

Drink sweet tea, drive with your hearts, and yawn safely!

She means: Drive safely! Because the Internet is a place you can drive. (Ha! As if. If it were, I’d actually get real-world stuff done!)

No I don’t but 😀 okay, goodnight everybody (“Just another American Saturday night” and RTR!

Last word. There! *is Narciss’s offspring*


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