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Functionality and Gambia!

Hey, y’all! I’m back and not asleep this time! I’ve been even more productive today than I was last week. I’ve slept in, baked a cake from scratch, disposed of a mushy pumpkin from the night of our first post, and knocked a shovel off the wall rack thingy onto myself.


I’ve done positively nothing. Well, I peeled two potato (do not fix my grammar, ACG. I intend to say potato, not plural) and I bathed. Those are huge achievements. Oh, and I rinsed dishes. Yeah. I’m made of awesome. But I highly doubt you are interested in hearing how uninteresting I am.


Oh, it reminded me that I unloaded the dishwasher, too! 😀 Just stop. I get it. I can’t function like a normal person when left to my own devices. I was moving a mushy pumpkin because I hadn’t moved it of my own devices before that. Plus, it’s Saturday and you shouldn’t have to function like a “normal person” ever, much less on Saturday. Yeah. Okay. Whatever. Like I said before, we’re not here to discuss how uninteresting I am.


But that’s very interest–okay, maybe not. Maybe more interesting than that I have Google Translate pulled up in another tab to translate things to Turkish but not really interesting, I guess. Much less more interesting than the fact that I learned that Gambia is a country today.


I feel like I’m supposed to know what to say next or mention that she knows this because we have gotten a view from someone, somewhere in this country of Gambia(which I find very awesome and kinda want to look and see if they have a pen-pal program or famous fried food or something right… okay.) that we were unaware of today, but I don’t. I’m just here to be eye-candy today, except you can’t see me and I’m not even a hot mess right now. I’m just a mess.


Eye candy, got it. Well sure then but I’ll just be the sports girl then. Maybe not, I haven’t been paying much attention to the sports (“the sports”), just the words. Not a movie or anything, books and creativity words.


Sometimes I am actually a person. Today I’m just a faint resemblance of one. So, I have done very few things with words. For instance, I’ve had two documents of mine open for almost twelve hours (more like: nine), and I have not written a single word. It’s amazing. (I hate things -_-)


Don’t hate! It’s not nice. (I do not care about being nice either.)  But I haven’t done too much, very minisculey on the creativity side. I’ve just re-read some stuff for most of the day actually. Ah, but you’ve done stuff. Your point is…? Oh, whatever…you don’t have to have a point.


Thank you to everyone who has stuck with it this long to read about our days. If it’s not as awesome as you thought I apologize and say nothing much more than if you don’t like it, you may or may not be alone in your thoughts and need to change your point of view and keep an open foot! Oh wait, mind. Sorry, I’ll get it right eventually. (Just so you know she never gets anything wrong in real life. That’d be me. Lies! Not true. You’re the liar. Name one thing I’ve gotten right besides my name in the last week! Breathing and walking. You haven’t fallen.) Good night everybody! *yelled in that rock star voice that I don’t know how to convey the sentiment of in black and white. (our background is peach 🙂 ). I mean peach, see that’s something you got right!


I don’t want to post this. This was because I promised an awesome post and this one sucks hard. So, I’m sorry. I suck. What’s new? Nothing at all.  


So to everyone out there who is not me, stay awesome!

And drive safely!


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