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Funny Story…

Once upon a time there were two girls who decided to start a blog while carving a pumpkin. These girls are usually successful in meeting deadlines and following through with projects they start (lies!). Except one day, they both went on fictional writing binges and forgot to make a blog post. So as a last ditch effort, the one who is apparently known for implying terrible things wrote a “funny story.”

Ha…Yeah, okay. This is AJA. This week ACG and I kind of…didn’t get around to making a full length post and it’s kind of late where we are, and sleep is a thing.

This is part of being a writer honestly, though. You forget about your commitments and surroundings until someone shoves reality down your throat. While we regret not posting together, I assure you our time writing was well spent and our next post will be butt-kicking awesome. Until then, we bid you farewell. Drive safely.


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