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Timers, Lists, And Lack Of Emoticons

Twenty-nine, twenty-eight, veintisiete, veintiseis, twenty-five, twenty-four…

ACG is counting if you hadn’t noticed. Backwards, at that. Some might even say she is counting down. Okay, so, that’s what most would say. And counting down is just one of that many things you might do if you are, were, or ever have been an Anna. Don’t forget aspiring to become one! Being at that book thing has made you forgetful. Being at “that book thing” has gotten me officially called “kitten.” (From…? Jennifer Armentrout, duh! Oh, my bad.) Though, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. (Seriously though, dudes and dudettes, it’s been fun.)

What she happened to digress from while talking about her YALL Fest thingy is that we were talking about how counting down is just one way of being a successful-Annaz-worthy-Anna.


So, without further ado, we will present you with a list of things you might do if you are, were, ever have been, or aspire to be an Anna:

  1. Always have Milo’s tea and ice cream sundaes on hand. Cherries, whipped cream, and all the stops included. And Sour Patch Children. You can never forget to add Sour Patch Children to your sundaes. 😉 That actually really makes your teeth hurt, leave them separate. Just take the fun out of everything, why don’t you? (Sour Patch Kids, for you traditional folk. That’s a bonus way of being an Anna: call Sour Patch Kids Sour Patch Children.) 
  2. Play RockBand until you literally can’t talk the next day (or run out of space on your playlist and end up skipping every other song after 35). Oh, and make sure you stay up until the next morning, too. Stay up so late that normal people are going to work while you’re on only song 67/115. And get yelled at because the one with the license has to drive herself at some point and hasn’t slept.
  3. Develop and telepathic connection with your best friend and ACCIDENTALLY wear the same color, style, or shirt without having  ever mentioned what you were doing to start with. Sometimes it’s even weirder than shirt, tbh. But you’ll have to just keep guessing what that even means.
  4. You have a weird relationship with some dude. That sounds a lot weirder than it really is. It really does. Every Annaz-like Anna has a weird relationship with a guy who is not a terrible person (often considered a good person by most everyone else) and wants to or has in the past wanted to date them while you as an Anna only really want to do anything but that. (I apologize for that rambly nature of this point, but if you plan to stick around here any time at all you will find I am a rambly person, especially when tired from being on a trip. Because I’m tired all the time, but this is distractedly tired.)  And I have no more to say to this. Moving on!
  5. Whenever you see numbers counting down in visual form (more than likely on a device called a timer) you start counting down out loud, occasionally switching from English to a language such as Spanish. Of course, you could switch to a language like Swahili. Or Romanian, I guess, since that’s a good language to use for things. We don’t care. As long as you stay good and random in the order of language switching.

So, I think five is sufficient considering–well, I’m not sure, I just think five is a good number. Five is sufficient because… Fifteen is a multiple of five, and you know what Taylor Swift says about fifteen. “In your life you’ll do things greater than writing a post about how to be an Anna… I didn’t know it at fifteen.” That was lame, very lame, AJA. Your left sock is lame! When I’m wearing them, they normally are. I don’t like socks, remember? You don’t? Are you sure? I think you’d like them very much. Well, I don’t like them because they tend to imply that I’m putting on close toed shoes. Socks by themselves are pretty good. *Sigh* In a world of metaphors, I’d take that further, but on this note I must say, tune in next time for a discussion on SOCKS! (Maybe. Probably not. We’re fickle like that.)

Yeah, probably not about socks. But just keep your head on the ground and feet in the clouds. 😀 🙂 ❤

*inserts no emoticons because as pointed out by ACG I am lame*


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