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You Should Name It in Romanian

Hey, everyone! ACG is back and starting off to tell you that I got a fox! 😀 (and a panda bear, but the fox is still here with me). I, AJA, would be the one with a panda. Well, not currently with the panda but same difference.

Yeah, and because I know everyone’s first question is totally, “Woah! What are their names?” Instead of something absurd like, “How in Alaska did you get a panda and fox?”


I’ll just tell you. My fox is named Vulpe and AJA’s panda is named Grobian. Your next logical questions would be, “Why are they named such bizarre things?” Well, maybe it’s not bizarre if you speak Romanian. At least, Vulpe’s isn’t.

Or, if you’re insanely skilled like AJA was when she first heard his name, you automatically realize the word vulpe means fox, though you think it’s Spanish before I correct you with a nice, “Not quite, it’s actually Romanian.”


And, if you’re still hung up on the fact we have a panda bear and fox, rest assured they came from Dollar General and are very much of the plush stuffed variety. I don’t even know what a real fox eats, or what it says (sorry, couldn’t resist). But real pandas totally eat bamboo, and they speak Chinese, so it’s okay. I’d just need an English to Chinese dictionary, even if Grobian was real. Though, my parents might not have understood me bringing in a live panda bear, so good job, ACG.


Thanks, I guess. Anyway, if you’re wondering “why Romanian” there’s a simple answer. I’m kind of obsessed with Romanian-esque stuff thanks to a book (The Prince of Wolves books by Quinn Loftis, if anyone cares, and remembers that we don’t condone any of the bad things they do or say in them). The men live in Romania and the girls are from America.–I love how the males get to be “men” and the females are only “girls.” I don’t know if Jen would ever take kindly to be called just a “girl.” Excuse me, everyone involved is offended because I forgot the proper term is actually female.–Plus, Romanian is a pretty language.


Anyway, Vulpe’s name is fairly easily explained. Grobian on the other hand does not literally translate to “panda bear.” Partly because Romanian has no word for panda apparently…? Romanian speakers, let me know if there is one. Please, and then introduce us to some cute Romanian guys that speak English please! The other part is because the word “bear” literally translate to “urs” in Romanian. Now, since I am practical user of technology and was doing all of this through Google translate in ACG’s truck(shout out to the trucks and truck drivers of the world!!!!), there were “synonyms” for the word “bear,” or rather for the word “urs” and one of this synonyms was “grobian,” which translate to “coarse.” How that means anything like unto “bear” I am not positive, but I thought it sounded cute and yet had a tough meaning. Ergo, Prince Grobian, the panda.

He’s not officially recognized in our state as a prince, just in her house when he’s with King Illusion, his “daddy.” What are you even talking about? He’s totally a real prince. (Don’t listen to her, Grobian, your highness.)


I’m just saying that the state doesn’t recognize him. More important authorities do(us and the prince of Uruguay (do they have a monarchy? *shrugs* I am barely up to date on our local government affairs. Speaking of which, tune in next week when I host a celebration for the brief lack of campaign ads every. where. She just thinks they’ll stop. Oh, wait. Next we get to decide on a President. Two years though. Two years…we could vote. *hangs head* *hangs self* WE DON’T PROMOTE SUICIDE, OR PRACTICE IT. Right, AJA? Suicide is a very serious manner. And I’m a very not serious person. So, excuse my inappropriate jokes. *cheesy grin and thumbs every dashing book character has nailed* Better? Much. I just wanted to make sure people realize we don’t float that as a solution.) and a select few others who are sworn to secrecy for the prince’s protection) however.


I think the only way to close this pretty-much-a-complete-trainwreck post up is to say that if you must name something, do it in Romanian.

A, Not a trainwreck.

B, Peace, Love, Romanian!

And remember, kids, drive safely! *corny wink*


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